Learning the effective communication skills is like finding a great dance groove

Four Sisters Groove Philosophy for Effective Communication

When I host a Groove session, I make it a point to first talk about the Groove Philosophy. This is the basic premise behind why I have Four Sisters Groove and the means to function within that framework. It is the boundaries and “Dance Floor” of another type, if you will. So I thought it would be a good thing to discuss as we begin the New Year together.

  1. Our Time – Our Space. It’s important to have a separate time when gay and lesbian people can have a specific time and space for meeting to discuss effective communication. In a simple example, you’ll see it in a bar, right? We have gay bars, because it provides a specific place and time for us to “be ourselves” more easily. So if that philosophy can work in a business space such as a bar, why wouldn’t it work in our effective communication training? The Groove Session does that by providing a clear space and time set apart for us to learn how to Groove safely and securely.
  2. Confidentiality Agreement. Along with that safe and secure space, the Groove Session provides an opportunity to open up freely about communication skills and taking the chance on not being right or sharing some information you may not share outside of the event. For this reason, the Groove has a Confidentiality Agreement for those attending. What happens in the Groove Session stays in the Groove Session.
  3. Not the First Effective Communication Training. You may recognize many of the components of the Four Sisters Groove in several communication skills training courses. This is not a new concept and goes back many, many years. (You could even say the Zodiac signs are based on four communication types, and who knows how far back that goes.) While it isn’t the first of its kind; it’s certainly way more fabulous.

With this core philosophy in place, the Four Sisters Groove provides a working session for learning effective communication skills that is safe, confidential and fabulous. Let me know if you would like to host or join a Groove Session.

Effective Communication Skills and Leadership

I recently worked a contract job where the company hosted a Toastmasters International Group. Advertisements around the complex emphasized the relationship between effective communication and leadership skills.

The site has some great information available, and I personally know several peers who have used the organization to gain effective communication skills and leadership skills. A good friend of mine had some really bad public speaking fears that she was able to begin to overcome through her participation in the group.

Several thoughts come to mind for me on how closely leadership is tied to effective communications skills:

  1. Effective communicators tend to be promoted. Most jobs you see a standard requirement for both oral and written communication. Standing out in your abilities to communicate can set you apart from the pack.
  2. Leaders need effective communication skills. When you are in a leadership position, effective communicating can impact the team participation. Clearly communication mission, values, goals, and feedback can make the difference between success and failure.
  3. Effectively communicating leaders are easier to follow. Wherever you are in the team building process, your effective communication skills can aide you in coaching and motivating team members, as well as resolving conflicts.

Effective communication skills can help you develop the leadership skills you need to win. Learning the Four Sisters Groove is a step towards improving your effective communication skills.

Holiday Grooving Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again. Time for festivities and families and all those get-togethers. Almost everyone’s calendar fills up with those events, and it’s a good time to remember some effective communication skills for your Four Sisters!

Handling the Details

For those Prink Up Sisters, Katie and Tina, remember to enjoy the feeling of the season! Yes, you can see past all the details of what gifts you need to get and which party you have to attend on which night to remember the joy and happiness the season brings.

For the Prink Down Sisters such as Stacey and Gina do try to make an actual list. It really does help. Find the easiest way for you to stay on top of the details. Get some help with those decorations by enlisting your loved ones. Open up the communication lines and be honest about it.

Surviving the Get-togethers

For those Sashay Right Sisters, Tina and Stacey, this is the time of year for you to thrive! Party out to your heart’s content. Events every night, if you want. For those Sisters Sashaying Left, Katie and Gina, you can find those tricks for surviving.

Since I’m a Gina, I know I can take 10 minutes time out during a party to walk around alone and re-invigorate myself from the solitude. I have to do it some times, if there are LOTS of Tina/Stacey folks at the event.

Make Room for the Giving

This is the season of giving and getting. Take some time to think about how you can give to those other Sisters around you. Can you help your Gina friends feel more at ease at your party? How can you help Katie with some details she has to take care of before the big night? Giving doesn’t always have to be wrap with a bow. It can be those thoughtful offerings of effective communication.

Above everything else during this season, I wish you continued love, joy, success, and effective communication.

(If you don’t know your Sister, you can find your spot on the dance floor with the Four Sisters Groove WorkeBook.)

National “Coming Out” Day Groove

October 11 is known as National Coming Out Day. This day helps build awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender people. What better way to practice your effective communication skills then honestly discussing your support for diversity and individuals?

  1. Wear something you are PROUD of to let everyone know.
  2. Tell someone something they don’t know about you.
  3. Show your support for an LGBT organization by joining or giving.

Today’s the day we build awareness and Come Out!

The “Big Bang Theory” Groove

I’m not usually a TV sitcom watcher, but recently I’ve gotten into the Big Bang Theory, and of course, I noticed there are four main characters who I would say show the Four Sisters Groove very nicely.

Can you identify each character’s Sister?

Can you identify the Four Sisters in these characters?

Out & Equal Workplace Summit Groove


Four Sisters Groove will be presenting at the Out & Equal Workplace Summit in Dallas, Texas! Two workshops on Effective Communication Skills and Leadership Skills.

Session Information for Four Sisters Groove

Session Information on Inspirational Leadership Your Way

Hope to see you there.

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